Monday, August 3, 2015

Reflect and Refresh- Part 2 Looking Forward

Welcome back to Reflect and Refresh hosted by Mrs. D's Corner!  In Part 1, of this two part series, we reflected on the past school year.  We talked about what went well and what we wished we would have done.

Now we are on to Part 2- Looking Forward!  I am looking forward to the new school year (14 days until it all begins!).  I am looking forward to the things I want to try along with the things I will continue to do that went well.

Communication:  For the past ten years I have sent home a weekly newsletter to my parents about upcoming events and reminders.  But now, I feel like everyone has submerged their lives into the world of social media.  So, on the first day of school, I will be sending home a communication survey asking parents how they would like to receive their weekly updates.

Organization:  My goal was to level and label (by genre) all of my books in my classroom.  I have been slowly bringing containers home with me leveling and labeling when I have a spare moment.  I am on my last car load and then I will be finished with all my books.  I am entering my 11th year of teaching and I am just now labeling and leveling my books?!?!  I am embarrassed to even tell you that!

Content:  I am so happy I read the Book Whisper by Donalyn Miller.  I'll even admit to you that I read the book twice this summer!  I am really looking forward to introducing my third graders to the 40 Book Challenge.  Plus, I am going to revamping my spelling/phonics portion of my day with Words Their Way.  Yay!

Summer Project:  I was very productive this summer!  It was probably the most productive summer I have ever had!  I read several books for fun and a number of professional development books.  My husband may not be too happy with the amount of money I spent on Amazon this summer, but it was definitely worth it!!

Share you reflect and refresh ideas below!  Did you have a productive summer?

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