Sunday, August 23, 2015

A New Way to Communicate


I wanted to write this post about something new that I came across.  My school recently reduced the number of copy machines in our building.  So, the copy machine that was located right next to my classroom is now an empty space (tear).  This means that I need to cut back on things that I need copied because I cannot run down four flights of stairs to the nearest copy machine in the middle of teaching.  So, one thing I know I can cut back on (plus I want to cut back on these) is the weekly newsletters.  For one, I feel like weekly newsletters can be a waste of paper because I have no idea if my parents actually read it.

Last week was our first week of school.  So, I sent home a communication survey (click here to read my blog from the summer where I attached the google doc of my communication survey) to my parents asking them how they would like to communicate (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Remind101, or paper newsletter).  Needless to say, my surveys came back with a variety of choices.  I decided to sit down and do some research on the Internet.  I read different blogs, googled a few things, and I talked to some of my teacher friends.  After talking to Em at Curious Firsties, she mentioned something that her daughter's teacher uses called Class Messenger.

Have you ever heard of Class Messenger???  OMG, I love it!  Class Messenger was created to make sure teachers, parents, and students are all on the same page.  This program creates a constant stream of private communication specific to the needs of your class, students, and parents.  Instead of spending a lot of time (possibly hours) connecting via Twitter, Facebook, email, text messaging, a class blog, or even a paper newsletter, class messenger is your one-stop shop for all of these things.  It is just as easy as text messaging, but definitely more private. Teachers can write general comments, assign homework, write reminders, create order forms & surveys, develop group meetings, make volunteer forms, and list donations that are needed.

There are many different ways that teachers and parents can access the service from class messenger.  The Browser version can be accessed by any computer, laptop, or mobile device.  There is also an iOS application that can be used on any mobile device from Apple (iPhone, iPod, or iPad).  Lastly, there is an Android application that can be used on a wide range of Android devices that include Samsung Galaxy S4, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Google Nexus, HTC One Mini, etc.

Are you thinking, "How is that different from Remind(101)?"  Great question! I have the answers.  Below are a few ways that sets Class Messenger apart from Remind:

Doesn't it sound awesome?  If you still aren't sure, check out this Prezi that I found on Class Messenger's website.  It's pretty informative.  I will be sending home the sign up information tomorrow with my students to get my parents enrolled in Class Messenger.  I am excited to let you know how it all plays out.

Tell me what works for do you communicate with your parents?

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  1. I use remind, class dojo and agendas. A few parents have signed up for them but most parents seem to prefer agendas. Not all of them have jumped into the technology band wagon.