Monday, August 3, 2015

August Pick 3 Pinterest Linky

August is here!  Yikes!  There is always so much to do between now and the first day of school.
So, to get back into the swing of things, I am linking up with The Inspired Owl and Pawsitively Teaching for some back-to-school inspirational Pinterest finds!

Inspirational Pinterest Find #1:  Sub Tub!!  We all have had days where we unexpectedly have to call in sick from work. I am embarrassed to even tell you how many days I missed last school year. Between my grandmother passing away, a car accident, my son having a sleep study/surgery, and my whole family getting personal life was a nightmare!  

So, on that note, I am going to make sure that I have an up-to-date sub tub! Thanks to Owl-Ways Be Inspired for reminding me what I need in my Sub Tub in order to have stress-free days when I have to call in sick (which I am praying will be nothing like last year!!!!).  Hop on over and check it out (click on the caption under the picture)!  Plus, she has a freebie for you!
Owl-Ways Be Inspired

Inspirational Pinterest Find #2:  Back to School: Building a Community! Hello Sunshine wrote a fabulous post about how you can build a community in your classroom with team-based activities.  The post is jammed with activities that can establish a culture of teamwork and cooperation.  I will be using some of these activities the first week of school.

My favorite team building activity that she described is called  The Marshmallow Challenge.  Groups have 20 minutes to build the tallest freestanding tower using only 20 sticks of spaghetti, 1 yard of masking tape, 1 yard of string, and 1 marshmallow (the marshmallow must be at the top of your tower).  Afterwards, you would debrief and discuss ways teams had to work together in order to be successful.  Jump over and check out the rest of her back-to-school team building activities (click on the caption under the picture)!
Hello Sunshine - Brightening Teachers' Days

Inspirational Pinterest Find #3:  Things That Interest Me! Survey (Book Whisperer).  I know...I know.....I am totally behind on reading the Book Whisperer.  I should have read it a LONG time ago!  I am embarrassed to say that I just read it this summer......(sigh of embarrassment).  Over the past ten years, I have given my students student interest surveys asking them what their interests are so I can pinpoint what kind of books they want to read.  I have to admit, I haven't always been the best at taking their surveys to heart (another sigh of embarrassment).  BUT-after reading this post from The Teacher Organizer, I like her idea of sending it home with the students.  On her website, not only does she include a student interest survey for FREE, but she also mentions how helpful it is for students to fill the survey out with their parents so they can hear the type of answers their child is giving.  This may be helpful making sure that the answers are accurate and not what their friend at school thinks.  This student interest survey will be going home the first day of school with my students (possibly open house).  Click the caption below the picture to go to her website.  Let me know what you think!!
The Teacher Organizer
Check out the friends below and their awesome Pinterest Finds for August.  Link up and share your inspirational finds!!!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the team building ideas! I think its so important to build community.


  2. I love all of your back to school pins. Gosh, where did summer go? I can't believe it is over! Thank you for linking up and sharing!

  3. You are not sighing alone...I am just finishing up The Book Whisperer (I still have one chapter to go). Since I teach first, I have some adapting to do, but REALLY want to have a different feel in my classroom this year. Thanks for sharing the survey!

  4. I just started The Book Whisperer! We do a "picture survey" in my room so I can get a better feel of my kiddos. Thanks for sharing!
    Lodato’s Loves