Monday, June 22, 2015

Simplified Classroom Library....Part 1

OK....I just finished my 10th year of teaching! WOW--a whole decade!  Sometimes I forget that I am actually an adult in my early thirties....You'd think I would feel pretty confident with my teaching after ten whole years....and I do....I really do.....most of the time.  I love to read professional books, attend PDs, and collaborate with others to grow as an educator.  I am always learning something new...and I love that!

But right now, I don't feel like a thirty-something educator that has taught for a decade!  I am stuck.  I am lost.  I am unhappy.  OK....I don't need to be that dramatic.  But after reflecting and reading some professional books/blogs this summer, I don't like the way I have my library organized.  I have a ton of books.  TON.  I love my classroom library.  Every year, I tweak it and add more books.  But...there's something I don't like about it...and I need some help.

Just a few of the books I purchased today
Today I took my two kids to Half Price Books for some quiet reading time.  Unfortunately, nothing with my 3 year old boy is quiet, but we did have some fun reading and looking at the books.  I ended up walking out of there $45 poorer than when I entered that morning.  However, my classroom library will be gaining some new additions (or duplicates because I tend to do that a lot).  Once I got home, I was taking the price tags off the books (I hate dislike stickers on the cover of my books) and I decided my classroom library needs a remodel.  I need to organize my books in a different way.  But I need some help.  Should I organize my books by authors?  Genre? Theme?  Currently my classroom library is organized by popular authors and partly genres.  

So.....send me some thoughts, ideas, feedback, suggestions?  How do you organize your library?  What do you think is the most simplified and best way to organize your classroom books?


  1. Good luck!! My library is a mess. I also need a plan. Sounds like a July project for me.

    1. Thanks and good luck with yours as well. Let me know how it turns out!!