Friday, July 3, 2015

July Pick 3 Pinterest Party

Today,  Inspired Owl's Corner  is hosting a link up for bloggers to post their favorite pick 3 Pinterest ideas.  I LOVE this!

Pinterest is my favorite....I sometimes wonder how I even functioned without Pinterest in my life.  I use Pinterest for, home decor, dyi projects, kid ideas....and I could go on and on and on!  So, needless to say, when I saw this link up...I got SUPER excited!   There is one problem though...I have no idea how to narrow it down to 3!

My first July pin is a DIY project for my house.  It's a chalkboard calendar from an old window.  So cool!!!  I recently moved into a house (hopefully my last house for many, many, many years) and I have not had time or the desire to decorate.  Once I found this project, I knew I had the perfect place for it in my new house.  The school year is quickly approaching and it gets a little hectic in my household.  So what better way to keep my house in order than with this old window chalkboard calendar!  I actually went around to some garage sales looking for an old window this morning.  No luck :(, but I have quite a few more weeks of summer to find one!  I was thinking about putting it on an empty wall in my mudroom.  Below is a picture of where I want to hang it.  What do you think?
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My next pin is something for my two little ones, Lucy and Tommy. The weather in Ohio this summer has been awful!  It's been rainy and somewhat chilly.  I feel like I have spent most of my time indoors with them.  We have been to the library and Half Priced Books A LOT!  So, where would be a fun place for my kids to read all the books they are finding?  An easy DIY tent!  Sometimes it is hard to believe when I read projects that say "easy" because nothing seems to be easy when you aren't very handy.  But these DIY directions don't seem to be very hard.  According to the instructions, the materials will only cost $20.  Not bad!
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Have you ever made a project like this?  This tent will look super cool next to my DIY bookcase.  Check that at here.

My last pick for July is a tutorial on how to make cake pops.  Have you ever had a cake pop before?  My mouth is already starting to water.  YUMMMMM!  One of my friends at school makes wonderful cake pops and she brings them in for ever work party that we have.  Tomorrow my mother is throwing a 4th of July cookout and I am in charge of bringing a dessert.  So, tonight I am going to attempt to make some holiday cake pops (I bought cookie dough to pop in the oven if it doesn't go well)!  Wish my luck!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I love the re-purposed chalkboard window! My mom used an old window for something similar at my bridal shower, but she wrote on the glass rather than painting it with chalkboard paint! Too cute!!!

    1. I am so excited to find a window!! I bet the one at your bridal shower looked great!

  2. The chalkboard calendar is so cute! And the cake pops aren't too hard to make. Love how festive and cute those are! Thank you for sharing and linking up!

  3. I really like that chalkboard calendar! What a super cute idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

    Lattes and Lunchrooms

  4. I love the cake pops. I've never been able to successfully make cute cake pops, Guess it's time to try again!

    Junior High Core Values

  5. Love the chalkboard calendar! Too cute!